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Batch NES ROM CRC-32 Validation

This is a command-line program, that can be used to validate your rom collection.

It goes through a directory of .nes rom files, and for each file, it: Strips off the 16 byte iNES header. Gets the CRC-32 of the rest of the rom. Searches in a hash file for a match. I just get the file from You can add your homebrew roms to this file, since any file with the hashes in it will work; whether they are manually created, NES Cart Database, NESHead Database, etc… The roms of any hashes that could not be found, are Renamed or Moved, based on commandline options.

I have included my source code, however it has only been tested to compile on my system: Windows XP (32-bit), using gcc. It will not compile, unaltered, under a non-windows system. If anyone has updates, ports to other systems, patches, constructive criticism, etc… feel free to contact me at my hotmail account, with the name keyboard_smasher.

It is public domain, so feel free to do whatever you want with it.


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