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Delta Patcher



Delta Patcher is a GUI software that is able to create and apply xdelta patches as the ones supported by the xdelta tool developed by Joshua McDonald.

Delta Patcher is fully self-contained and does not depend on the xdelta3 tool at all. It’s written in C++ using wxWidgets for the GUI components and all the needed libraries are statically linked to the executable (except for GTK for Linux builds).



  • Fixed memory leak when applying patches without a description


  • Modernized the build system using cmake.
  • xdelta has now finally been embedded as a library rather than an exe that needs to be extracted on the fly. This should finally avoid false positives from some antiviruses. In this process, xdelta has then also been updated to the latest stable version (3.0.11) which now supports secondary compressions.
  • Delta Patcher now allows to select the desired secondary compression (including lzma), when in patch creation mode.
  • There is no more distinction between lite and full versions. This separation was quite redundant and unnecessary (the only difference was in one button).
  • Fixed an annoying bug that would prevent Delta Patcher to open some xdelta patches using secondary compression.
  • The Windows exe is still fully self-contained and compatible with Windows XP or above.
  • To avoid further false positive from anti virus software, the windows exe is not compressed anymore, so it is a bit larger than version 2.


  • Added drag and drop functionality in patch creation mode.


  • No xdelta.exe is needed. Starting from version 2.0, it has been embedded in the Delta Patcher executable;
  • More intuitive GUI design;
  • patch application:
    • disable checksum validation;
    • backup original file;
  • patch creation:
    • custom UTF8 description for patches - patches created with Delta Patcher will show this description if opened with Delta Patcher (a là PPF-O-MATIC3);
    • patch compression level;
    • source window size;
    • checksum.


User Review Information
User Reviews
Easier to use than other patchers.Chronosplit26 May 20162.0Yes