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PCSX 1.5 with Debugger

Debuggers / Special Emulators


A debugger written on top of the PCSX source code. Allows read/write breakpoint setting for registers and memory as well as display/browsing of registers, instructions, and memory.

  • Breakpoint: write to address or addresses range.
  • Breakpoint: read from address or addresses range.
  • Breakpoint: only if write exact value, to address or addresses range.
  • Breakpoint: only if read exact value, from address or addresses range.
  • CD-ROM read breakpoint.
  • Sector read breakpoint.
  • SPU breakpoints.
  • GPU breakpoints.
  • DMA breakpoints.
  • Registers/memory patchers.
  • Log memory.
  • Dump/load memory.
  • Getting instruction address or register data by left mouse button double click.
  • Getting the memory address, by click on the memory column.
  • Using the memory coordinate as address.
  • Using the register name as its value.
  • ASCII viewer.

  • More information in the documents.


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