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Breath of Fire 3 (PS1) ISO Editor

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Breath of Fire 3 (PS1) editor that lets you edit lots of stuff in the game, and you can patch those changes into your ROM/ISO.

Version 1.8a update (9/26/2023): A couple bug fixes (see Readme for more details). If you selected options other than “Weapons” on the first page BEFORE you opened your ROM, you might have problems with the Weapon section once you actually opened your ROM. 2nd bug fix: Clicking on the “Dragon/Faeries” page would incorrectly show Faerie stats at first instead of Dragon stats.

Version 1.8 update (9/25/2023): Added a new “Misc” section for editing Celerity and Bonebreak timers, as well as lots of Casino stuff in the Faerie Village. You can edit how long before you can use Celerity or Bonebreak again (it’s normally a 5 hour wait). You can edit the timer all the way down to zero hours, meaning you can use them again right away without having to wait at all. Can edit how much money you win in the Casino High/Low game. Can also edit your odds of winning the Number Guessing game, as well as how much it costs to play.

Version 1.7 update (9/14/2023): Added a new section for editing all 60 Faerie stats. Can also edit how many battles are actually counted for each battle you enter (very useful in the Faerie Village, etc). Also fixed a bug in the Fishing page and a couple other sections where things were not getting fully patched (editing might only work in some parts of the game).

Version 1.6 update (9/10/2023): Added a new page for editing Manillo Shops. You can get any item, weapon, armor or accessory you want in the Manillo shops. You can change what type of fish is required for the trade, as well as how many fish. You can also put Manillo Shops in fishing spots that don’t normally have one, and edit what’s for sale there.

Version 1.5 update (9/8/2023): Added a new Fishing page with 615 things to edit, including: Ability to put any kind of fish in any fishing spot, edit the length of fish needed for max points bonus, how much fight and stamina fish have, what kind of bait fish love/hate, how many points you get for the maximum length fish bonus, adjust points needed for the 13 different fishing ranks, adjust how fast the casting power meter moves. There is a “BoF3 Manillo Shop Info” text file included in the zip file. It has my hacking notes for the Manillo shops in the game. I plan on adding a Manillo Shop editor in version 1.6

Version 1.4 update (8/26/2023): Can now edit lots of Dragon stuff including Dragon stat boosts, Abilities, and AP costs.

Version 1.3b update (8/20/2023): Added Balio and Sunder to the list of enemies, fixed a bug on the Enemy/Boss page where you would get an error if you clicked on a certain sequence of enemies.

Version 1.3a update (8/17/2023): Fixed a few minor problems with version 1.3 (see Readme for list).

Version 1.3 update (8/17/2023): Can now edit 23 different stats for every enemy or boss in the game. This includes items dropped or stolen, as well as drop and steal rates.

Version 1.2 update (8/1/2023): You can now edit the stats for all 17 masters in the game.

Version 1.1 update (7/24/2023): Can now edit lots of stats for all the characters, including HP, AP, Pwr, Def, Int, Agl, Willpower, Surprise, Reprisal, Critical, Dodge, Accuracy, Starting weapon and armor, resistance (all 9), Abilities (Heal, Assist, Attack and Skill), and stat growth. Also, there was a problem with PSP versions, so for now, PSP support has been removed.


  • Works on PS1 (PlayStation 1) USA or European versions.
  • Can adjust how many random battles you encounter.
  • Can edit 465 different items.
  • Very easy to use: Select the type of item you want to edit (Weapons, Armor, Abilities, etc), select which specific item you want to edit from a list, click on your item and it will automatically search your ROM for it’s stats which you can then edit.
  • The lists of items all have a search feature you can use if you want (some of the lists are pretty long).
  • All of the names were taken directly from the ROM, so there should be no spelling mistakes.
  • Will display ROM/ISO addresses for those that want to do more editing themselves with a hex editor.
  • Can edit things like Weapon Attack Power, Armor Defense Power, how much HP is restored with Healing Items, AP cost, cost of items in shops, who can equip Weapons and Armor, change what text is displayed in game for Healing Items, etc.
  • When patching, you can decide if you want it to create a new ROM or not.
  • Several buttons for info, values, etc.
  • Will be adding editing for Characters, Enemies, and Bosses in a future update.


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