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RevEdit (Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge Level Editor)

Level Editors


RevEdit is a level editor for Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge. It supports entity placement, sublevel layout arrangement, and tile editing. It should be possible to create a complete overhaul hack of Belmont’s Revenge using this tool. A playtest feature is included, which pops open an emulator at the specified sublevel, allowing quick iteration on design.

Due to the utility being larger than the 30MB file-size limit for RHDN, the download is linked below.

Download: GitHub.

You can download a pre-built Windows binary with the link above, or you can download the source and run on any operating system that supports Python.

Future Work:

  • It should be very simple to modify the editor to allow changing the number of sublevels per level, or the number of levels overall.
  • Changing the number of 4×4-tile chunks per level shouldn’t be hard either.
  • Several of the 8×8-pixel tiles are are loaded differently from the others in each stage; it’s not clear yet how or why, but they are displayed as placeholder pink squares. At the very least, they could be displayed as different placeholders.
  • Some special ’screens’ are used for various entities such as moving spike walls, but there is no GUI support for editing these screens.
  • It seems there are a couple bugs still in the exported ROM. The boss of Plant Castle doesn’t seem to work correctly.
  • The code for Castlevania: Legends seems to be very similar to Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge in terms of code structure. It may be possible to adapt this editor to support Legends as well.
  • Entity graphics for the upcoming sublevel are loaded by the game during door transitions, but so far this has not been dissected. As a result, only some entities are currently properly usable in each sublevel.
  • Similarly, the playtest feature results in some buggy entity graphics when starting at sublevel 2 or later. (If the previous bullet is resolved, this might be easier to figure out.)

All of these seem like fairly simple problems to solve, and there are work-arounds in the mean-time. Please contact the author for assistance if needed.


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