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Shadowrun (SNES) ROM Editor

Game Specific


Editor lets you edit lots of stuff in your Shadowrun game, and you can then patch the changes into your ROM.

Update (5/7/2023): Forgot to include the older build of the editor that works on the Japanese version of the game.

Updated to version 1.3 (5/6/2023): You can now edit the destination of all 6 doors in the Debug Room so you can warp to any one of 504 different areas in the game. To make it easier to get to the Debug Room, you can make it so the Morgue Office door warps you directly to the Debug Room. There is a button that lists all 504 different areas in the game you can warp to, along with their hex ID numbers to enter into the editor. The list of the 504 locations also has a search feature.

Updated to version 1.2 (4/14/2023): The Bulletproof Vest is now available to buy in the Dark Blade weapon shop. There will be no prerequisites for getting it, so you can buy it at any time for $8000 (must start a new game to enable Bulletproof Vest patch). The Bulletproof Vest was left out of the USA and European versions of the game. You can also edit the Bulletproof Vest protection amount along with the rest of the armor. Fixed a bug where the editor would write to the wrong address in a couple places if you were using a Shadowrun ROM with a .smc file extension (.smc ROMs have a 0×200 byte header and are not very common these days).

Updated to version 1.1 (4/8/2023): Have expanded the section that lets you edit how much Nuyen (money) enemies drop after battle. You can now edit money dropped after battle on the majority of the enemies in the game. Have also made it so that the correct amount of Nuyen is displayed when you pick it up.


  • Works on the USA or European versions, and with or without the 0×200 byte ROM header (.smc or .sfc file extensions). Also works with the Mouse Support hacked version. There is a separate early build included that will work on the Japanese version as well.
  • Six different pages/tabs to choose from.
  • Can edit lots of things like: Starting stats, Karma, Weapons, Slap Patch heal amount, Grenade carry limit, Magic, Cyberware, Armor, Shops, Runner stats, Runners never leave, money dropped after battles, warp anywhere in the game, etc.
  • When patching, you can decide if you want it to create a new ROM or not.
  • Several buttons for info, values, etc.
  • Many thanks to Dulcinea who is very familiar with the game and spent many hours testing things and giving suggestions on what should be added, and his info helped to fix lots of issues with the editor.
  • Also thanks to the_E_y_Es (here on RHDN forums) for info on the firing rate ROM addresses, and the really cool custom SNES code for allowing adjustment for the runners starting HP.

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