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Q-Vert: convert GoldenEye to run on both iQue and N64 consoles

Requires x64 Windows or Python 3.8+.

Despite what the internet thinks, iQue can’t play N64 games in much the same way that pixels aren’t square. That’s where this steps in. It will automatically convert most NTSC versions of GoldenEye to run on both N64 & iQue consoles with minimal input from you, the end-user.

tl;dr: you can save properly on either console and Rumble Pak is supported on N64. It also adds support for both 4k & 16k EEPROMs if modders so desire.

  • Read the readme for more information.

v1.1 links code to call a secure kernel function on NMI, preventing the RCP from locking (aka “no video”) and an option to throttle animations on iQue to resemble N64 gameplay.

The idea behind this is to modify some of the libultra functions to support both platforms. Using pattern-matching, those functions can be ID’d in all versions of the game, the addresses registered, then the functions patched. As a result, many of the hundreds of existing mods such as Goldfinger or SubDrag’s 640i patch can be converted.


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