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RainbowZ Editor (DKC1)

Game Specific


This is a multi-purpose editor for DKC1. There are too many features to go over here. Please read the manual included in the zip. Alternatively, check out this playlist! There are also many other features that are outlined under many other videos.

One of the most important distinctions that could be made, is that this requires a 1.0 U ROM in order to work properly.

Here are just some of the many features this program offers:

  • Banana placement and selection
  • Powerful tilemap editing
  • Camera editing
  • Platform paths editing (Trick Track Trek and Tanked Up Trouble)
  • Entity editor (aka sprites)
  • Entity init script editor
  • Vertical level editing (water levels and slipslide ride)
  • World boss editor (speed, health, etc)
  • Palette editor (BG and entity)
  • Text Editing (Stages, Kong Family, both credits)
  • Copyright edit
  • Overworld edit
  • Level Attributes
  • Music selection
  • Kong attributes (speed and such)
  • New entities with unique behaviors
  • Quick launch which automatically loads your game in an emu for you
  • Frequent backups and a backup restore feature

This is intended to be updated as new things come up! As things are constantly being updated, the manual may not be up to date.

Go to this GitHub to check for the latest updates:


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