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Starfy Music Randomizer



This simple program allows you to randomize the music in some, or all, of the levels of The Legendary Starfy. This was primarily made to help the author gain familiarity with the PySimpleGUI framework, in preparation for the creation of a full level editor of this game. However, this can still be useful if, for example, you have been speedrunning World 10 and are bored of the one singular song playing throughout all of the levels.

Please note that this program is only confirmed to work with an unmodified copy of the American version of the game. If the music data for the Japanese version happens to be stored at the exact same place in the ROM, then it will also work, but that is not likely.


Thanks to PySimpleGUI, for making the process of writing a GUI quick and easy. Thanks to their exe-maker PSGCompiler as well, since that made it trivial to create this exe which does not even require you to have installed Python.


For MacOS or Linux users, you can still run this program via the source code found in the “src” folder. Just install Python and PySimpleGUI, then command-line in “python”.


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