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DS Pokemon Rom Editor



DPPT/HGGS Multi-Tool

Author: Nomura, AdAstra-LD

Misc changes to the original DSPRE (by Nomura)

Significantly shorter load and save times.

New, faster Script Editor with syntax highlighting and built-in search features.

Fixed lots of problems with Japanese DP roms [either not loading or only partially functioning].

Configurable top bar layouts.

User Prefs memorization.

New Advanced Header Search feature.

New NSBMD and NSBTX utilities.

NARC Packer/Unpacker utilities.

List based and Content based Batch Rename utilities.

Lots of new buttons and icons.

Some fields will now show a colored text depending on their value.

DSPRE can now read extracted data from a directory, without loading a ROM.

DSPRE now warns you about ARM9 status mismatches.

Added new ALT key shortcuts (Hold alt to see which shortcuts are available).

Fixed Encounter Editor unpacking HG encounters for SS ROMs.

Fixed Overworld sprite search algorithm for most (if not all) supported ROMs.

Fixed app name.

Fixed many Exceptions, which now show user-friendly messages.

Files used by each editor are easily locatable.

New ROM Toolbox.

ROM Toolbox:

Supported patches:

Expand ARM9 usable memory. Dynamic Cameras. Set Overlay1 as uncompressed. Convert Pokémon names to Sentence Case. Standardize item numbers. Expand matrix 0. Dynamic Headers. Disable Texture Animations [HGSS].

Script Command Database:

A handy window that shows all the available script commands and the parameters they require.

Many new commands have been identified and added.

Spawn Settings Editor:

Allows you to change the map where the adventure begins and the initial money. Wild Encounters Editor:

Added wrench button to fix broken encounter files [whenever possible]. Added missing button functions (add and remove). Wild Encounter Editor can now attempt to repair corrupted encounter files. Editor now detects the selected header.

Header Editor:

Added copy and paste buttons to every header category editor. Added import and export buttons to header editor. New basic search location feature. Updated Header Fields for all games (added WorldMap Coordinates to HGSS header editor). Added more HGSS weather effects. Redone HGSS weather preview pics. Fixed HGSS Camera settings. Fixed header flag names. Battle BG and Following Pokemon properties are now fully editable. Editable Internal names. Added text length label to Internal Names box (Header Editor). Fixed a bug that prevented Internal Names from displaying correctly (String termination). Fixed “Open Matrix” button not loading the correct textures and buildings, especially for interior maps.

Matrix Editor:

Added support for custom color tables. Fixed “Add Matrix” and “Remove Matrix” buttons GUI numbering mismatch. Fixed wrong row/col indices when resizing matrices. Fixed junk input detector. The coordinates of the selected map appear in the status bar. Matrix names now appear in the selector.

Map Editor:

GUI redesign (now with a more straightforward GUI). Support for DAE export [Apicula] New BGS Section. Expanded collisions database. Buildings can now be placed and moved with the mouse. Fixed buildings wrong scale transform pivot. Map models can be exported with embedded textures. Sound Plates can be cleared with a button click. Added flood fill feature to Permissions tab. Added Section size labels to 3D Model, Terrain and BGS Tabs (Map Editor). Added support for broken BTX detection to Map Editor and NSBTX Editor. Fixed map screen randomly becoming 3D, even with the collision tab open. Added BDHCAM Support to the import/export menu. Added Map BIN Import button. Fixed BGS signature of maps being overwritten upon saving a map. Added Export MAP BIN button. Fixed type painters resetting after changing map. Fixed type painters font size and value [updown] limit. Added more type painter colors and collisions. New 512x map screenshot button (for PDSMS’ background image feature).

NSBTX Editor:

GUI Redesign. Added missing button functions (add and remove). Created a palette match algorithm.

Event Editor:

Added mouse support and warps navigation feature. The Standardize Items patch is no longer necessary to edit/add Ground Items. A blue box now appears under each Warp collision as a visual aid for placing Warp events. Events can now be duplicated. New fields (for Spawnables and Triggers). Complete rewrite of the Sprite finder.

Script Editor:

Replaced “Search Flag” with “Search any command”. Fixed Text Search and Replace (Results can be double-clicked). Replaced Script Macro buttons with a Script Navigator. You can now choose the preferred number format. Level scripts can be cleared with a button click. The Script Editor can identify and report syntax errors. Fixed backward address jumps. Improved search speed. Fixed script export button.

Text Editor:

Lines can be moved up and down Fixed export button. Added option to show row numbers as hex. Fixed Text Search and Replace (Results can be double-clicked). Improved search speed. Added support for Chinese text.

New Camera Editor:

You can easily change the default camera position in game. New Trainer Editor:

Change the Trainer Class, Party, Movesets, AIs and Items of any Trainer in the game. New Table Editor:

Conditional Music Table: allows you to pick a different Header music to play when a specific flag is set. [HGSS only] Pre-Battle Effects: you can now associate many different VS. Sequences and Battle tracks to any Trainer Classes or Pokémon.


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