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A ROM editor for Road Rash 2 (Genesis/MD) that lets you make lots of changes to the game, and will patch the changes into your ROM. Works on any Road Rash 2 ROM.

Update to version 1.2 (11/16/2022): Added 5 more bike colors to choose from. Added text that tells you what color your clothes will be, since the 5 new bike colors also change the color of your clothes.

Update to version 1.1 (11/14/2022): Added an option to disable the bike color change since it previously forced you to have all of your bikes the same color, even if you didn’t want that. Also added an adjustment for gravity.

Update to version 1.0a (11/8/2022): Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let the Japanese or Road Rash 2 Improvement Hack ROMs get patched. Also improved how the dollar values for prize amounts and starting money amounts are displayed in the “Money Adjustment” page. The game only allows money values in increments of $10, so now if you were to enter a money value of something like $1234, it is automatically rounded off to the nearest 10’s place as soon as you click away from it. So $1234 becomes $1230. Many thanks to Demonic722 for finding the solution to getting the money amounts displayed correctly.


  • Will work on any version or any region, including the Road Rash 2 Improvement and SRAM hacks (available here on RHDN).
  • Has 4 tabs/pages to choose from: “Starting Bike-Nitro-Music”, “CPU Bikes”, “Money Adjustments”, and “Misc-Weapons-CPU Health”.
  • Option that lets you decide if you want to create a new ROM when patching or not.
  • Several Info buttons that should answer any questions.
  • Several buttons that will display normal/default values, as well as the values that are currently in the ROM (useful if you’ve already used the editor, but want to make more adjustments).
  • Editor automatically fixes a bug in the game where some CPU bikes have a much lower top speed in 6th gear.

Things you can edit:

  • Acceleration for the starting bike (Shuriken 400).
  • Top speed for the starting bike.
  • Handling for the starting bike.
  • How much nitro the starting bike has.
  • Infinite nitro (works on all bikes that have nitro).
  • Double the amount of top speed boost you get from nitro (works on all bikes that have nitro).
  • Choose from 15 colors for your bike (shows each color as you change the number).
  • Can change the music you listen to while racing (can listen to any music from any track, including the title screen music).
  • Can edit the top speed for every CPU/Cop bike (faster or slower).
  • Adjust how fast the 7 fastest CPU bikes are in each race. This adjustment determines how easy it is to catch up to the 7 CPU bikes that are way out in front and out of sight when you start a race. This adjustment is only temporary and once you pass them, they will go back to their normal top speed.
  • Adjust how many gears the CPU/Cop bikes have in their transmissions. The lower the number of gears, the slower they will go.
  • Change how much money you win for each of the 15 different finishing places (1st to 15th place).
  • Can change the prize money multipliers for each of the 5 levels in the game.
  • How much money you start a new game with.
  • Adjust how much you get charged for bike repairs and fines.
  • Select which level you start on, including level 6 where you get to race against all of the cops in the game.
  • Adjust walking speed when off your bike. Useful to get back on your bike faster after crashing, or if you know your bike will explode if you get back on it and setting your MPH higher will let you pass CPU bikes while walking and finish the race. Good idea to use the “Cops don’t show up when walking” option with this, since they will show up after 60 seconds of walking). Note that setting your walking MPH too high can make him hard to control, so you’ll need to experiment.
  • Adjust how far away your bike is from you when you crash (makes a big difference on how long it takes you to get back on your bike after a crash).
  • Adjust how much damage your bike takes when you crash.
  • Adjust how much health you have (different than bike health). When your health gets to zero from CPU riders hitting you, you will get knocked off your bike.
  • Make it so cops don’t show up when you’re walking. They normally show up after 60 seconds of walking, or standing still on your bike.
  • Make it so cops won’t bust you if you crash near them.
  • Make it so your bike won’t slow down if you go off of the track.
  • Make the tracks much straighter.
  • Get rid of all the traffic/cars (all of the CPU/Cop bikes are still there).
  • Choose which weapon you’ll start each race with.
  • Adjust how much health all of the CPU riders and Cops have. This determines how easy or hard it is to knock them off their bikes (lower values make them easier to knock off, setting it to zero will let you knock them off with one hit).


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