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SOR2 Compression Utility

Compression / Decompression


Created using Sharpnull’s Compression Python Script (Thank you Eskayelle for linking to it), Lightrayn converted the script into an EXE with a GUI for ease of use. This tool is used to “rip” uncompressed tiles from Streets of Rage 2 Genesis ROM, and Recompress tiles for insertion in ROM. Some presets are included for US & JPN Title Screens and Character Portraits.

You can see the tool being used here:

  • Note: .Net 6.0.8 (or higher) runtime files needed to run.

Version 2.96

  • Added Palettes and mapping for SEGA Logo for both ROM types(Original + Syndicate).


Compress uncompressed Tiles.bin files to re-insert into ROM

“Rip” a decompressed Tiles.bin file from ROM for editing. For ripping you can use presets in the list boxes, or manually type them in.

Copy the ROM into the same directory as the program and make sure there are no spaces in any of the filenames!

Version 1.0

Initial Release

Version 2.0

  • Added Palette + Mapping Locations
  • Added Story Screen 1+2, End Screens 1-6
  • Added “More Info” field showing issues, recommendations and notes
  • Added “SEGA Logo” button pointing to the locations in both the original and Syndicate Wars ROM’S

Version 2.8

  • Corrected Address’ of Mappings for Story + Ending Screens
  • Added Story + Ending Screens for Syndicate Wars
  • Added Template for Ending Screen 1
  • Fixed issue with spaces in paths and filenames, you can now open and save from/to

anywhere and have spaces in filenames.

Version 2.3 of SOR2 Compression Utility (Streets of Rage 2) ~LightRayn (Ryan McQuinn)

  • Added Portraits and Story Screen 1 for Syndicate Wars list
  • Added various notes for new list items and Title Screen “More Info” field
  • Minor address corrections for Palette locations

Version 2.21

  • Added Story Screen 2 template and locations for both ROM types
  • Story Screen 2 is split into 3 parts
  • Added information about Story Screen 2 quirks Ex: Strongly suggested to use the included templates as changing almost anything in the mapping can break the entire screen loading routine.
  • Mr. X giant face on Story Screen 2 uses mirrored tiles, the templates are to modify the left side of the face and left hand as they are just mirrored on the right.
  • In the next version there will be a map file for use with SonMapEd for the City + Blue Flame tiles just like the face and hand templates.

Version 2.91

  • Updated Story 2 Screen Information
  • Included Full Story Screen 2 Template (Head, Hands and City/Blue Flames)

Thank you for downloading!


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