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Assembly Tools


Rhombus 68000 Assembly ROM editor alpha version 0.1


This program will read and parse Motorola 68000 rom files into a GUI editor. The program includes a 68k disassembler, 4bpp tile editor, pallate editor, and hex editor.

There is also a text finder, for translation projects, which is in the very early stages of development, and currently seems only helpful for finding ASCII English text in the rom file.


To run Rhombus, either double-click on the JAR file, or run it from the command line:

java -jar rhombus.jar ROM_FILE MAP_FILE

Where FOM_FILE and NAP_FILE are optional command line parameters.

FILES SUPPORTED The program generates the following types of output: rom files, asm files, ips files, and map files. Map files are specific to Rhombus and store all of the annotation data for the rom file.

DISASSEMBLY PROCESS The disassembly works through a semi-automatic method. First, all reachable code is parsed up to any indirect jumps, called “A-jumps”. The user can then specify a list of destinations where an “A-jump” insruction points to, and the parser will parse those locations as well. This may lead to more A-jump instructions being found in the rom. The disassembly should be complete and 100% accurate once the user has specified all of the destinations for every A-jump instruction in fhe file.

For reference, “A-jumps” comrpise any jmp or jsr instruction using any address mode other than immediate or PC displacement. Examples include: jmp (A0), and jsr #$8(PC,D0.w). The term A-jump and indirect jump are both used in the program interchangeably. The term A-jump is in reference to the majority of these instructions involving the A register and the jump instruction.

LICENSE Free for non-commercial use only. Contact for pricing for commercial use. Will consider interesting collectables and offers for trade, such as old Sega Genesis, Saturn, Playstation, or Super Nintendo hardware and/or games. Twitter: @jamal_zedman

Please also contact regarding any bugs or feature requests.


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