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This program will let you open a Zombies Ate My Neighbors ROM and adjust many things in the game, and you can then patch those changes into your ROM. The editor will work on any version, any region, with or without a ROM header, and will work on most, if not all, ZAMN ROM hacks from RHDN.

Version 1.2 update: Added an adjustment for Giant Baby hit points (HP), and fixed a bug where a new Snakeoid HP value wasn’t getting patched into the ROM.

Version 1.1 update: Fixed a bug where it wasn’t finding a few ROM addresses with European ROMs.


  • The editor uses pattern searches to find everything in the ROM instead of static ROM addresses, which is why it will work on any version of the game.
  • Has been tested on these 5 ZAMN ROM hacks for far, and works fine with them: ZAMN-The Sequel, Oh No! More Zombies, ONMZAMN, Ultimate ZAMN, and ZAMN The Lost Levels. Editor should work on all of the ZAMN ROM hacks here on RHDN, but it will let you know if it won’t work with a specific ROM.
  • There is a Dump button that will dump all of the ROM addresses that it finds into a text file. Text file will include the name of the game, all of the ROM addresses it found, as well as the values and descriptions for each address.
  • Each section has two buttons that show normal/default values, and values that are currently in the ROM that you have opened. The first time you open a ROM with the editor, both of these buttons will show the same values, but after you’ve patched a ROM and you open it again to make more changes, the two buttons will show different values. This is useful if you’ve already patched a ROM and want to go back and make more adjustments in the game. If you forgot what values you patched before, just click the “ROM values” button to see what is currently in the ROM. You can click the “Normal values” button to see what the normal/default values are. You can also use the “Normal values” button if you want to patch things back to what they were originally.
  • Can edit starting (new game) values like lives, level, ammo, etc.
  • There is a Health section for starting health (new game), health after you lose a life, and health from a First Aid kit. There is a box you can check that will keep these 3 health values the same (recommended).
  • Can add snow on the ground in level 1. This option won’t work on all ZAMN ROM hacks since they change lots of stuff in level 1, but the editor will automatically check to see if it will work with your ROM. Thanks to TCRF for the ROM address for the snow.
  • Can edit how much damage some of your weapons cause.
  • Can edit how long things last, like how long you’re invincible after getting hit or losing a life, as well as how long some of the potions last (Monster potion, etc).
  • Can edit how much you get from many of the pick-ups.
  • Can edit the hit points (HP) for some of the enemies, as well as all 3 of the final bosses. The final bosses have a lot going on with HP, so there are several different values you can adjust. Of course, using lower values for Enemy HP will make them easier to defeat, higher values make it harder. There is a separate info button with a lot of detailed information about the Boss HP adjustments.
  • Can adjust how many points you get for each neighbor rescued, which allows you to make it easier or harder to get enough points for bonus victims, etc.
  • There is a Music/Sound FX option that lets you change what plays in place of music. Mostly just for fun, but if you set the value to 51, you will be able to play with no music (sound effects only).
  • There are options for: Walking faster, no kickback from the bazooka, and one that makes it so the zombies won’t hurt your neighbors.
  • When you’ve made any adjustments you want to make, you have the option of patching the ROM you currently have open, or making a new ROM with all of the changes patched into it. This keeps your original ROM safe. If you make a new ROM, it will automatically have “Patched” added to the end of the patched ROM’s name, which makes it easy to remember which ROM was patched. Example: Zombies Ate My Neighbors (USA) Patched.sfc.
  • There are Help/Info buttons that should answer any questions.


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