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Entities Editor

Game Specific


This nifty graphical utility allows one to edit the statistical values of units in the NDS video game LEGO Battles in a simple-to-understand way. It is completely finished, but not well tested, so let the author know if anything goes wrong.

Although the program itself is very easy to use, setting it up involves many steps. However, the archive contains an “Instructions.txt” file that walks through all that.

Furthermore, although the different fields should be fairly self-explanatory, looking at the documentation for Entities.ebp is nevertheless highly recommended:

As with all submissions for this game, the author cannot thank Garhoogin (the creator of the image viewer NitroPaint) enough for determining this game’s file compression algorithm.

Also, R.I.P. John Murga, the creator of the Lua framework MurgaLua, which allowed someone as amateur as the author to create a Graphical User Interface.

P.S. MurgaLua is able to be run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. However, the author has only tested on a Windows machine. Given that this code makes heavy use of byte reading and writing, there is some possibility that things may work strangely on other operating systems. If that happens, the author will make a valiant effort to find someone who actually knows what they’re doing to work it out.

VERSION 1.1: Adds an “Extras” tab to edit the remaining entities, such as the wall and bridges. Puts names at the end of the data in addition to the beginning, so you can see who you are working with even after scrolling over. Some bugfixes as well.

VERSION 1.1.1: Expands the labels of the fields to make things clearer. Also a few under-the-hood things.

VERSION 1.1.2: Catches the last few corner cases. Under “Special” there is now a Holding button, in case you made units into Specials that shouldn’t be (that stuff is frustratingly hardcoded, and this GUI respects that). Also adds the code License into the archive.

VERSION 1.1.3: Realizing that it came from a time before the author knew how scrollbars worked and is unneeded, the internal limit of displaying only the first 20 entries in a page is now dropped. This surely will not come up much, however the author cannot stand the thought of an item disappearing off the face of the GUI for any reason.

VERSION 1.2: Some new unit data has been discovered–range, time between attacks, how much fog the unit’s presence dispels, and how much priority the AI places on attacking the unit–and this update allows for editing that information.

VERSION 2.0: The layout has been greatly overhauled, with more spacing all around, and a “freeze column” feature so you always see the names no matter where you have scrolled to. What should be the last remaining values in Entities.ebp have been added in–some visible (like whether a unit can cross over trees), and some not (like a value needed to be set for water-only units to work correctly).

VERSION 2.1: Code has been added to allow the Editor to be fully visible on screens of smaller resolution than 1920 x 1080. Additionally, some clamping has been added to ensure minimum Attack values are never higher than maximum ones.

VERSION 2.1.1: A small tweak to the size of the scroll-box so that everything in Extras can appear without scrolling like before.

VERSION 2.2 The ROM file with a particular name is no longer needed, the editor comes with its own list of names. These can be changed if desired.


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