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NES SNES Search/Patch Tool



This program will let you enter a RAM address for any NES or SNES game, and will search your ROM and see if it can find places where your RAM address changes things in the game. It will display up to 10 matches (ROM addresses) that it finds, along with old and new values or opcodes/instructions. You can then patch any changes you make into your ROM. Very useful for ROM hackers.

  • Version 1.1 update. Improvements: Much better results/compatibility for the “Start w/more”, “Subtracts”, and “Adds” type searches. Added new search type: “Start w/more (indexed w/ X)”. Improved the RAM search feature so it will find more matches/ROM addresses. Added a button to automatically assign values to your ROM addresses when using the RAM search option. Improved instructions for the RAM search feature (when you click on the “Info for value search” button). Added more info to the Dump text file.


  • Works on any NES or SNES ROM (with or without a header), and with any version or region.
  • Has 9 different types of searches.
  • With some of the search types, you can adjust the new value that gets patched into your ROM. With the rest of the search types, the program will select the correct replacement opcode for you.
  • You can find RAM addresses for NES/SNES games all over the internet.
  • If you don’t have a RAM address, there is a section that will try and find a RAM address for you. If it finds a RAM address, you can then use it with any of the 9 search types to see if it can find any matches (ROM addresses) for your new RAM address.
  • You can choose whether or not you want it to make a backup copy of your ROM. If you do make a backup copy, the program will automatically add “Patched” to the end of your file name, which makes it easy to remember which file was patched, although you can name the new file anything you want as long as it’s not the same as the original file name. This keeps your original ROM safe.
  • You can select which of the matches/ROM addresses you want to patch into your ROM.
  • There is a “Safe Search” option that is automatically enabled with many NES ROMs. It uses the NES ROM header to tell where the graphics are in the ROM, and it won’t search that part of the ROM which cuts down on irrelevant matches.
  • Usually auto-detects which type of ROM you’re opening (NES or SNES), although you can manually select the system if it doesn’t recognize your ROM.
  • Has several buttons for information, as well as complete instructions. Also, if you hover your mouse over any of the buttons, it will show you useful information. Includes a Readme file.
  • Has a Dump button that will create a text file with lots of useful info like: Name of your game, RAM address you searched for, all of the ROM addresses it found (including old and new values), etc.
  • Example of how it works: In the screenshot above, Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES) is opened and the RAM address for lives (7E1D4C) is entered as the RAM address. Selecting “Start with more type search (indexed w/ X)” and clicking on the “Search ROM” button brings up one match at ROM address 0×00000880, along with a value of 2. You normally start with 2 lives, so this is the ROM address that decides how many lives you start a new game with. You can adjust the new value to any value you want from 0 to 255. In the screenshot, the new value was adjusted to 9, and then patched into the ROM. Playing the newly patched ROM lets you start a new game with 9 lives. Using the same RAM address for lives, if you select “Decreases by 1 type search (indexed w/X)” and click the “Search ROM” button, it finds 1 match. Patching the new opcode for that match/ROM address gives you infinite lives and seems to work fine.
  • Although it will work on any NES/SNES game, it may not always find matches for every RAM address.


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