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Sega CD Search/Patch Tool



This is a program that will let you enter any type of Sega CD or Genesis RAM address, and will search your ROM/ISO for possible addresses that you can modify to make changes in the game. Once it finds some matches, you can decide how you want to modify it, and can then patch your changes into the ROM. This is useful for ROM hacks, especially for Sega CD games that have duplicate programming for each level in the game.

Version 1.1 changes:

  • Fixed a bug with 8 bit “number” matches that wasn’t being patched correctly, added an option that lets you choose between Sega CD or Genesis RAM address ranges, changed the way that the backup copy works when patching. See Readme for more details.


  • Will work on any type of Sega CD RAM, including PRG RAM and Word RAM.
  • Designed for Sega CD but will also work on Genesis ROMs, as long as you keep your RAM address between 00FF0000 and 00FFFFFF. May also work on all types of Sega 32x RAM, but has not been tested on that (yet).
  • You can use existing RAM addresses, or you can make your own with many different emulators (Gens 9.5b, Gens 11, etc).
  • There are 3 separate tabs for three different menus: Search Menu, Patch Menu, and Dump Menu.
  • The Search Menu (shown above) lets you enter your RAM address and choose from 4 different types of searching. If it finds any matches, they will be displayed on the right side (up to 10) along with a value. It will show you what type of matches it found, as well as how many.
  • You can select between having it find all of a specific type of match at once, or have it step through them one at a time (useful if you only want to patch one address, if you want to see more than 10 addresses, etc).
  • The Patch Menu lets you make adjustments to the matches you found, and will patch the changes into your ROM.
  • The Dump Menu lets you dump all of the information you found into text files. Included in the dump files: Name of your game and location on your computer, RAM address you searched for, what type of search you did, and all of the ROM addresses it found along with their values.
  • There is a Readme, as well as some handy buttons that give you instructions and important info.
  • Example of what it can do: In the screen shot above, Sonic CD was opened and the RAM address for rings (00FF1512) was entered. The program found 73 matches for the “Add 1″ type, and 73 matches for the “Number” type. Sonic has 73 different levels, and each level has it’s own programming in the ROM. The “Add 1″ matches are for when you pick-up a ring, you will have 1 ring added to your total. You can adjust this number so that you get more than 1 ring on pick-up, and patch it into your ROM. It also found 73 matches (for the 73 levels) of the “Number” type. This number determines how many rings you’ll have after you’re hit, which is normally zero. You can adjust this to almost any value you want (I believe up to 255), and patch it into your ROM so you will get that many rings when you get hit.
  • When you are patching, you can choose between making a backup copy of your ROM/ISO or not.
  • Should work with any Sega CD or Genesis game, but it may not always find matches for every RAM address.


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