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The Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code Injector



The Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code Injector by Triclon

(New in v3.3! Added compatibility with Shadows of the Empire and fixed many bugs that prevented games such as Goldeneye and Diddy Kong racing from working. Can now add comments and blank lines to code list without the injector crashing.)

This utility will inject Gameshark codes directly into most Nintendo 64 roms. It is console compatible with a flashcart and works in most emulators. Right after a game boots, the injector will run and copy the code handler, which runs through all the active codes continuously, into the Expansion Pak RAM. The code handler hooks into the game’s exception handler and will run continuously, applying active codes. It will also run any F0 or F1 type codes at boot. Unlike a real Gameshark, which is limited to a few hundred lines of code, this injector allows you to inject nearly unlimited lines of Gameshark codes.


  • Python 3 to run the Injector
  • A Nintendo 64 ROM to patch
  • An Expansion Pak and flash drive to play on console

Get Gameshark codes:

I highly recommend, the primer archive of cheat codes on the internet. You can export them in a variety of formats.

How to run:

Put your Gameshark codes into “gameshark_code.txt”

Copy a ROM into this directory and name it “rom.z64″

Open a terminal and type the following…


It will generate a rom called “rom_patched.z64″

Open your newly patched rom in your favorite emulator or copy to a flash drive for console and enjoy playing!

Supported Gameshark code types:

80, 81, D0, D1, D2, D3, F0, F1, A0, A1, FF, EE, DE

See the readme for more details.


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