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SGB2 Border Injector

Data Extraction / Insertion


SGB2 Border Injector is an easy to use tool that injects custom border images into the Super Game Boy 2 software. The patched rom files can be further customized with the SGB Settings Editor.

You can use any of the 800+ existing borders from SGB enhanced Game Boy games or make your own custom border images.


  • Replace up to 14 borders in the Super Game Boy 2 rom
  • Custom border can be loaded automatically on startup
  • Compatible with the SGB mode on SD2SNES / FXPAK Pro
  • High color depth images are automatically converted to SNES format
  • 7 border slots support images with fully unique tiles

Images can use up to 45 colors in three 15 color palettes. Each 8 x 8 pixel tile can only use one of the three palettes. The three palettes are generated automatically, but can also be provided externally. See readme for more information.

Check out Super Game Boy 2: Vaporwave Edition by flamepanther for a rom hack that was made with this tool.

System requirements: Windows 7 SP1 or newer with .NET Framework 4.7.2.

GitHub repository:


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