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PssMux is a multiplexer for PS2’s standard PSS video file format.

The most notable advantage it has over the old PSS multiplexing solutions is that it doesn’t produces PSSs with stuttering sound in some of the more problematic games.

Currently supported multiplexing options:

  • Injecting a source file’s audio into a target file’s audio stream


  • Command mux
  • Command find
  • Command find-mux

Command mux: Injects the audio stream from the source PSS into the target.

Command find: Find all PSS contained within a file and (if wanted) extract them in the same folder as the file.

Command find-mux: Find all PSS contained within both source and target files, and then inject the audio from source into the target.

CLI usage example:

pssmuxcmd mux -s source.pss -t target.pss

Source code:


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