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Super Zelda Editor

By: Derek McPherson

  • Name: SuperZed.exe
  • Version: 1.029
  • Date: September 20th, 2021
  • CRC32: 2BF73A10

Super Zelda Editor is a complete game editor for SNES The Legend Of Zelda, A Link To The Past. SuperZed is based upon Hyrule Magic, the original LoZ3 editor. SuperZed has fixed many bugs from HM and has a few user friendly tweaks and new features that really make it not only more stable but more functional as well. It is designed to work with expanded ROMs(2MB) that have relocated pointers and data for all 320 dungeon rooms out of the base ROM(1stMB) range, but is also able to stay within the original limitations of LoZ3 at 1MB.

Major additions include import/export and a copy room feature for dungeons, a new search method for OW tiles. Some other helpful new features are a Dungeon Entrance 2-click set window, a new door position, direction, and type GUI, the ability to merge parts from one room to another, or create and use prefab dungeon room segments.

Super Zelda Editor is the first LoZ3 editor to draw an entire dungeon rooms contents (all invisible objects have previously only been visible if selected, one at a time) each object numbered and outlined in a unique color depending upon which BG it is a part of. This takes editing LoZ3 to a whole new level, now all doors and all layer objects can be seen, more easily understood, and edited. This is a toggleable setting and most of the new dialogs can be accessed through alternate inputs leaving the classic keyboard and mouse inputs intact.

More new features; Space for up to 3x’s as many sprites in the overworld as found in ALttP. 3 new Dungeon Editor Buttons X-Y-Z with varying actions depending upon what is selected, like instantly clone a sprite, item, or object (Y), open up a chest contents selection window (Y), or set alternate chest contents (Z), sprites or items switch layers with (Z).. it’s in README.TXT and much more.

  • changelog v1.029 - Sept. 20th 2021
    • Removed all web links causing false positives on some virus detectors.
  • v1.028 - Sept. 17th 2021
    • Corrections in object, items, and sprite selection names, and enabled double-clicking to set.
    • Added item insert and change dlg for OW.
    • Added a check to room 170 limiting sprites there to 5, preventing writing over sprite respawn game code.


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