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Advanced SNES ROM Utility



This is an easy to use utility for performing some tasks on SNES / SFC ROMs!

Following functions are included:

  • Edit ROM Information: Change basic ROM information like title, country/region, version and game code
  • Add Header: Adds an empty header
  • Remove Header: Removes an existing header
  • Fix Checksum: Fixes a broken checksum. You always should do this before saving, if possible. Please note that some beta or demo ROMs have an odd checksum anyway…
  • Fix Internal ROM size: Fixes wrong internal ROM size information. Do this after expanding a ROM. Also useful to fix some ROM hacks
  • Expand ROM: Expands ROM to a specific size up to 64 Mbit (BS-X up to 32 Mbit). Mirror option should only be used, when there are problems with standard expanding. Always check if your ROM still works after doing this!
  • Split ROM: Splits ROM into equal sized multiple parts
  • SwapBin ROM: Swaps binaries to get a “Close-to-SNES-Mask-ROM”-layout
  • Deinterleave: Some copy stations like “Game Doctor SF” or “Super UFO” use interleaving when dumping HiROM games. This function will reverse this process. Please use ROMs with copy station header, unless you know which copy station was used!
  • Interleave: Some patches or copy stations require interleaved ROMs. This function will interleave your ROM. If you have interleaved a ROM, patched it and want to play it in an emulator or flashcard, don’t forget to deinterleave and fix checksum again!
  • Remove Region Locks: Some games have a copy protection preventing the ROM from running on systems with another region (PAL/NTSC lock). Use this function to remove most known region locks.
  • Remove SRAM Checks: Some games have a copy protection preventing the ROM from running, when cartridges have more SRAM than needed (copy stations/some cheap flashcards/deprecated emulators). Use this function to remove most known SRAM checks.
  • Remove Slow ROM Checks: Useful if you want to play your FastROMs on a copy station without FastROM support or burn them on (E)EPROMs slower than 120ns.
  • Convert HiROM - LoROM: Can switch ROM layout between HiROM and LoROM. If the ROM uses (S)RAM or some enhancement chips, you have to do some manual work after conversion.
  • Apply Patch: Patch your loaded ROM! Supports IPS patches with RLE hunks, expanding and truncating, also avoids EOF offset bug. UPS is able to revert a patch, if applied a second time and expands and truncates to destination file size. BPS, BDF and XDELTA are also supported!
  • Command Line Interface (CLI): Use Windows Commandline (CMD) for executing batch operations (or just for processing a single file, if you prefer using the commandline)


  • Splitting and SwapBin will be performed with your actual ROM configuration and lead to an output of one or more files
  • If you have *.bdiff patch files, try to rename them to *.bdf and also try renaming *.vcdiff to *.xdelta
  • Only HiROMs can be interleaved
  • Converting from HiROM to LoROM only works, if the ROM was designed to be convertible
  • BS-X information: checksum doesn’t include header information, so it wont change if you edit some values. ROMs have no region code (JP only), so you can’t change it. Only ROM sizes up to 32 Mbit are supported



v1.1: CLI implemented for batch operations (see manual), interleaving, simple LoROM - HiROM conversion, suppress info and warning messages (don’t show this message again), reset to standard configuration, add PAL region unlock pattern

v1.0: improved alogorithm for scanning ROMs allows much more complex queries for finding copy protections, but is slightly slower now. Therefore you now have the option to disable instant scanning when a ROM gets loaded, so you can trigger this with the “Scan” button. Added mirroring option for expanding some ROMs that make problems with regular expanding. Tool is now able to find most known SRAM protections and remove them. Game code is now displayed in general information and can be changed. Manual is now implemented using HTML. Tool is now final! Only changes in future will be bug fixes or updates in protection scanning codes.


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