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Bubble Buster

Level Editors


Bubble Buster is an easy to use editor for the SNES/SFC game Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move! It works with headered and unheadered PAL, US and JP versions of the game.

Also contains a “Blue Bob” patch, which will give back Bob his naturally skin color.

Hacking: Svambo

Editor: Dom aka Doke

Support & Testing: ffmcloud, manakoDE, Poe


  • JP version has no system for credits, so you can’t edit this value here
  • Values on the left side are global! F.e. “Bubbles to Plop” is NOT per level
  • Left mouse button is for drawing bubbles, right mouse button is for deleting bubbles

Update history:

  • v1.1 [12 October 2021]: You now can use indestructible Boss Bubbles and a hidden background! Fixed aiming assistant, so it will be still enabled when entering levels bigger than 50!
  • v1.0 [16 August 2021]: First release!


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