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Monster Hunter Tri Weapon Editor

Game Specific


This editor lets you make adjustments to your Monster Hunter Tri game, and will patch the changes into your iso file.


  • You can change how much money you start a new game with.
  • Can change the price you pay for some of the weapons.
  • Allows you to adjust how much damage some of the weapons will cause. Can make them weaker or stronger. If you set them to the maximum amount, they will be one of the strongest weapons in the game.
  • Can adjust how much defense some of the weapons have.
  • Lets you adjust how much affinity some of the weapons have. This determines your chances of getting a critical hit.
  • There are some handy buttons that will show you information to help you decide what values to use, like the normal/default amounts, maximum amounts, and the values that are currently in the iso file (this is handy if you’ve made previous adjustments with the editor, but forgot what they were).
  • There’s a Help button that should answer any questions. Readme file is also included.
  • Works on the USA version. Game ID is: RMHE08. CRC32 is: 46848F76. Editor checks to make sure you have the correct file, and won’t let you open the wrong one.
  • You can easily return your iso file to it’s original/unmodified state by simply opening your iso in the editor again, setting your starting money to 1500, clicking on all 4 of the “Show normal amount” buttons, click the Patch button and you’re all set.


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