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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit ISO Editor

Game Specific


This editor lets you make lots of changes to your Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit game, and will patch the changes into your iso file. You can adjust the difficulty of the game to your liking.

Things in the game you can adjust:

  • How much money you start a new game with.
  • The price for a few of the cars.
  • How fast the green rev area shrinks right before the race starts (determines how easy it is to get a perfect start).
  • Power and grip multiplier. This determines how fast you car will launch at the starting line if you get a perfect start.
  • How long the power and grip multiplier will last.
  • Access to all cars, although you still have to have enough money to buy them in Career mode.
  • How strong the power boost pick-ups are when you activate them.
  • How long the power boost pick-ups last.
  • The maximum amount of damage your can can take in a single crash.
  • How long the time delay is (slo-mo) you get when you have a major head-on crash.
  • How much time you have to get to the next check point in Rush Hour (Quick Play mode only).
  • Drift score multiplier (how many points you’ll get for drifting).
  • Maximum amount of points per second you can get for drifting (normally set at 140 points).
  • There are several handy buttons that will show you information to help you decide what values to use, like the normal amounts, max amounts, and the values that are currently in your iso file (this is handy if you’ve made previous adjustments with the editor, but forgot what they were).
  • There are some info buttons, and a general help button that should answer any questions. A readme file is also included.
  • Works on the USA version (Game ID = SNHE69). Editor checks to make sure you have the correct file, and won’t let you open the wrong one.
  • You can easily return your iso file to it’s original/unmodified state by simply opening your iso in the editor again, clicking on all 5 of the “Show normal amount” buttons, click the Patch button and you’re all set.


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