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This is a complete suite of functions for Sega Genesis/32X/Mega Drive. Although it was designed for this specific system, the program has several functions that can be used on other video game systems or anything that uses Eprom/Flashs and so on. The program is very useful as several functions can be run in batch to act on several files together. Among the main functions are:

1 - Correct Checksum for Sega Genesis and Master System.

2 - ROM information reader and editor (Sega Genesis).

3 - Byte swapping (for recording 16bit style eproms used in Sega Genesis).

4 - Complete ROMs (or any file) leaving this with the chosen size.

5 - Combine ROMs to make a large file that can be used with cartridges that change the game with RESET.

6 - Join HI and LO files (odd and even bytes).

7 - Split large files into smaller parts (to split files taken from multi-game cartridges).

8 - Divides ROMs into HI and LO (odd and even bytes, for recording in 8bit memories).

9 - Extracts part of files, choosing a start byte and the size of the part.

10 - Smart file splitting (this function can find Sega Genesis ROM files inside any file (as long as the ROMs are in standard format).

11 - Compare files byte by byte. (If you have similar ROMs you can compare them. them to know the difference between them, this is useful to know what has been modified in hacked ROMs)

12 - You can change via software the order/position of data pins and addresses for 16bit and 8bit memories (this makes it easier to reposition the tracks when making a PCB board. The program comes with 3 languages ​​(English-Português-Espanhol) The program help is also in these 3 languages. (The language comes in INI format, it can be edited to other languages)


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