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Ogre Battle MOTBQ Items and Shops Editor

Game Specific


This is a spreadsheet and a pair of python scripts that edit shops and items for the SNES version of Ogre Battle - The March Of The Black Queen.

Each sheet has previews which display what your changes will be.

Also included is a cell which allows you to determine if your changes apply to a headered or unheadered rom.

Addresses of each table are easily edited, as are the text used in each preview. If you have a hack that expands these tables, creates more items, or creates more shops, changing the spreadsheet to accommodate your changes should be trivial assuming you are as proficient with LibreOffice Calc as you are with SNES assembly language programming.

There are two python scripts included: one to apply your changes to a rom, and another to extract changes previously applied to a rom.

A readme is included which offers detailed instructions on making and applying changes to your rom, as well as extracting changes previously made to a rom into a copy of the spreadsheet.

There is also a short FAQ on the command prompt so those who have only used romhacking tools with graphical user interfaces are not completely lost.

The author does not have any knowledge of the PS1 and Saturn ports of Ogre Battle MOTBQ, but if you can find where these data are, it should be easy to modify the spreadsheet to edit them. The author is very interested in supporting this, so please contact them if working on those ports.

Any Questions can be asked in a thread on the forums, or via contact at the Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre modding discord.


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