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FIVEC is a multi-use tool for converting floppy images, extracting files from them, and viewing the data within the files in an easier to understand manner. The application runs on Windows (32 or 64 bit) and requires the .NET framework (4.7.2) to operate. It’s written in C#. The program is free to use and distribute, in binary (executable) or archived form.

In particular, it handles formats used by emulators for the PC-98, PC-88, and X68000 platforms, including both floppy and HD images.

FDI, HDI, FDD, NFD, NHD, SLH, Headerless, D88, DIM, DCU, XDF

It also allows for sector inspection along with additional emulation data (if present in the image) as well as file extraction from N88-Basic / FAT8 disks.


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