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Shadowrun ROM Editor

Game Specific


This editor lets you customize many parts of Shadowrun, and will patch the changes to your ROM.


  • Can edit your starting (new game) money, clips, and karma.
  • Can adjust the number of uses you get from medkits and patches.
  • Allows you to change the ammo clip size for almost every weapon in the game, as well as the number of uses from the Scatter Grenades.
  • Can make adjustments to the damage caused by some of the magic spells, as well as how much health is drained.
  • Can also enable a fix for a known bug in the game, as well as enabling the in-game debugger (lots of good stuff in the debugger).
  • Works on either the USA or Japanese versions of the game (program makes sure you have the correct ROM). Works on .bin, .gen, or .md ROM types (will not work on .smd type ROMs).
  • The correct CRC32 is FBB92909 (USA), or D32199F7 (Japanese).
  • Your patched ROM will work on a new game, or most saved games (including emulator save states, as well as in-game saves.
  • Help and Info buttons in the editor should answer any questions. Also has several buttons that show you handy preset values, which can help you decide how to adjust your settings. The “Show amounts from ROM” buttons will display the current values in the ROM. This is useful if you want to make changes to your previous settings, but you forgot what they were (the editor remembers your previous values).


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