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Duke Nukem 64 Editor

Game Specific


This is an editor that lets you customize many parts of Duke Nukem 64, and will patch your changes into the ROM.


  • Can adjust the strength of the pistol. You can make it weaker, or make it one of the most powerful weapons in the game.
  • Can change the firing rate of the pistol. If you set it to the fastest firing rate, it will empty a 12 round clip in less than one second.
  • Pistol clip size is adjustable. Higher values mean you don’t have to change clips as often, which is useful in the middle of a gun fight.
  • Can adjust how many bullets you get from the pistol ammo pick-ups.
  • Starting health and maximum health are adjustable (from 50 up to 200).
  • The amount of health you get from medkits is adjustable (from 0 to 90). Editor also changes the on screen text that shows up when you pickup a medkit, so it matches the value you entered.
  • Can adjust the amount you get when you pickup armor, and you can adjust the maximum amount of armor you’re allowed.
  • Can turn a checksum bypass on or off in needed (the game runs fine without any checksum bypass when using Project64 emulator).
  • A few Help/Info buttons should answer any questions.
  • Several buttons show you handy preset values, which can help you decide how to adjust your settings. The “Show amounts from ROM” buttons will display the current values in the ROM. This is useful if you want to make changes to your previous settings, but you forgot what they were.
  • ROM must be in .z64 format (Big Endian). You can use tools like Tool64 to convert your ROM if needed.
  • Only works on the USA version of the game (won’t work on the European version). Program checks to make sure you have the correct version, and won’t let you open the wrong one.
  • Your edited ROM will work fine with a new game, or when using “in-game” saves. Should work on all levels. Will NOT work with most pre-existing emulator save states.


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