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Texture Calculator

Miscellaneous Graphics Tools


This is a tool to help reverse-engineer 3D graphics for one of your favorite PSX game :)

Say you have a PSX game for which you’d like to reverse-engineer 3D graphics of, a natural reflex for this would be to use no$psx GPU debugger along PSX VRAM Viewer to try understand what’s going on.

Where this calculator comes handy is when you have spotted a polygon on the debugger and want to translate the different texture-related values in hex such as CLUT position, texture page and texture window to a human-readable format.

From that, you can then try understand where this actual polygon is stored in the game files.

In the download there is a screenshot that shows typical usage and the reverse-engineered 3D model.

The tool is written in HTML+JS so it’ll run on any platform with a web browser.

Happy hacking !


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