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Gran Turismo 3 Editor (PS2)

Game Specific


This Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (PlayStation 2) editor lets you adjust the cost of some of the cars in the Car Dealer (Simulation Mode).

  • Edits your Gran Turismo 3 ISO file so your new costs of those cars are permanently patched into your game (until the next time you run the editor and patch the file again).
  • You can easily return your iso file to it’s original/unmodified state (see the Help file for details).
  • Works on either of the USA versions (Version 1.0 or 1.10 (SCUS-97102 or PBPX 95503).
  • Even though the iso file is fairly large (3.6 GB), the editor will patch it almost instantaneously.
  • Handy buttons to set all the costs to zero, show original costs, or show current costs in the iso file.
  • Editor remembers your previous values, and will display them the next time you load that iso file. This makes it easier if you want to adjust any of the costs.
  • Help button has lots of useful editor info.


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