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Legend of Zelda Reloaded Randomizer

Game Specific


A full game randomizer for the Legend of Zelda. Re-generates or randomizes nearly every aspect of the game!

Main feature list:

Overworld and dungeon configuration:

  • Procedurally generated overworld (highly configurable). Brand new overworld every time you play! First quest, second quest and custom overworlds are also available.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons (also highly configurable). Brand new dungeons every time you play! First quest, second quest and custom overworlds are also available.
  • Utilizes over 50 newly designed dungeon rooms.
  • Printable maps can be generated for all overworld and dungeon options.

Gameplay adjustments:

  • Adjust or any/all starting statistics (such as hearts, heart containers, bomb capacity, etc).
  • Adjust or any/all starting equipment (swords, rings, ladder, etc).
  • Adjust or weapon damage (any/all weapons).
  • Various quality of life features, such as fast heart fill, fast NPC dialog, fast dungeon scroll, etc.
  • Combat Difficulty - make enemies easier or harder.
  • Invisible Enemies - make a selection of enemies invisible or partially invisible.

Bubble configuration:

  • Several possible curses available!
  • Allow different curses per dungeon.
  • Adjust or randomize curse duration.

LikeLike configuration:

  • Several possible items they can take!
  • Allow different items per dungeon.
  • Adjust or randomize delay before they feast.

Vire/Zol configuration:

  • Choose what Vires and Zols can split to.

Ganon configuration:

  • Give Ganon a healing factor.
  • Adjust his stun timer.
  • Allow him to room warp in his second phase.

Equipment configuration:

  • Multiple uses for the power bracelet.
  • Multiple uses for the book.
  • Multiple travel modes available for the recorder.
  • Make blue candle usable more than once!

Sprite swaps:

  • Randomize enemy sprites.
  • Randomize item sprites.

Nearly all settings can be set to specific values or randomized!

Custom graphics and sprites:

  • Nearly all in-game graphics and sprites can be customized.
  • Hundreds of custom graphics and sprites are available, with more being created regularly, both official and from the community.

Latest version always available here:


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