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PSSME (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Editor)

Game Specific


A 100% web editor for the game Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Arcade).

The features available in this editor are:

  • Character Health Editor (Allows you to edit the amount of health of characters).
  • Seed Randomizer (Randomize the amount of enemies, the enemies and their positions for all sections of the game without replacing the original bosses).
  • Level Editor (Allows you to add, remove and edit enemies for all sections of the game).
  • Food Editor (Allows you to edit how much each food will heal).
  • Character Damage Editor (Allows you to edit how much damage each attack will do).
  • Color Palette Editor (Allows you to edit the color palette in the game).
  • Patch Utility (Allows you to apply patches available or in JSON format into the game).

Since it is a web tool, the Level Editor and the Seed Randomizer also offer a way to save your changes in a JSON file, making it possible to load the JSON file later so you can keep your progress. You can also randomize everything and generate a file to be loaded inside the level editor, allowing you to edit what was randomized.

The source code is at

The Web Editor is at

It’s a web tool, you don’t need to download, just access the link above to open the editor in your browser.

Version 1.6 Changes:

  • Created CrystalImprovementPatch: See changes A to C.
  • Change A: Coded a feature that allows players to change the amount of crystals they want to use by holding Punch and pressing Crystal, do it carefully because if the sailor is idle or walking she is going to spend the crystal, you can execute this on any attack, jump or run and it will not spend the crystals (Better way is to piano input this commando, so the sailor will punch).
  • Change B: Coded a feature that will be the indicator, it will print the amount of crystals it will spend in red and the others in blue, so look at the HUD and you will know how much crystals it is set to use.
  • Change C: The limit of crystals were increased from 5 to 7, but you can only spend 5 at max.
  • Updated SailorColorExpansionPatch: See changes D to F.
  • Change D: Replaced Sailor Venus B color, old was Brown and Black, new is Purple and Slate Blue.
  • Change E: Replaced Sailor Mars E color, old was Orange and Brown, new is Gray and Green.
  • Change F: Updated Sailor Jupiter E color, improved the color of her shirt.
  • Improved the Seed Randomizer, see changes G to I:
  • Change G: Added 2 Random Profiles, Meek and Kind, they are easier than Week.
  • Change H: Added a Custom Random Profile specific for customizations. It was possible to customize before, but now it is better, but you can’t customize the default profiles anymore.
  • Change I: For customized profile, you can now inform the minimum and maximum amount, it works just like the default profiles, based on minimum and maximum amount.
  • Created a Modification Manager. All modifications made by all editors will now be put in a queue that will be executed when the ROM is generated. It avoids bugging the ROM if you apply the Seed Randomizer or Level Editor multiple times.
  • Created CrystalImprovementPatch2, it is the same as the 1st one, but to change the amount of crystals to use you have to press the Start button.
  • Forced the randomizer to apply the CrystalImprovementPatch.
  • Updated all title screen text patches. They now support more characters and they support the inclusion of a hack author, except the randomizer text.
  • Added a hack author field to the Editor Manager Window.
  • Improved the Color Palette Editor. It has a better look and it is better to edit colors now.
  • Changed the editor’s appearance.
  • Minor changes.
  • Minor fixes.

See changelog at


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