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PSSME (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Editor)

Game Specific


A 100% web editor for the game Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Arcade).

The features available in this editor are:

  • Character Health Editor (Allows you to edit the amount of health of characters).
  • Seed Randomizer (Randomize the amount of enemies, the enemies and their positions for all sections of the game without replacing the original bosses).
  • Level Editor (Allows you to add, remove and edit enemies for all sections of the game).
  • Food Editor (Allows you to edit how much each food will heal).
  • Character Damage Editor (Allows you to edit how much damage each attack will do).
  • Palette Editor (Allows you to edit the color palette in the game).
  • Patch Utility (Allows you to apply patches available or in JSON format into the game).

Since it is a web tool, the Level Editor and the Seed Randomizer also offer a way to save your changes in a JSON file, making it possible to load the JSON file later so you can keep your progress. You can also randomize everything and generate a file to be loaded inside the level editor, allowing you to edit what was randomized.

The source code is at

The Web Editor is at

It’s a web tool, you don’t need to download, just access the link above to open the editor in your browser.

Version 1.7 Changes:

  • Changed from React.js to Svelte.
  • Improved Sailor Moon D, E, F (4, 5, 6) color.
  • Added Sailor Moon G and H (7, 8) color.
  • Improved Sailor Mercury B, D (2, 4) color.
  • Added Sailor Mercury G, H (7, 8) color.
  • Added Sailor Mars G, H (7, 8) color.
  • Improved Sailor Jupiter B (2) color.
  • Added Sailor Jupiter G, H (7, 8) color.
  • Improved Sailor Venus B, C, D, E, F (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) color.
  • Added Sailor Venus G, H (7, 8) color.
  • Updated EnemyColorExpansionPatch, SailorColorExpansionPatch to better support the new colors.
  • Updated the PaletteEditor to better support the color changes.
  • Updated SailorColorExpansionPatch, added support to random select a sailor (select pressing start).
  • The new random select feature randomly change the sailor every time a new area starts.
  • Created FairRandomProfile, it is like easy, but a little harder because of the change in food drops.
  • Some bug fixes to the code in general.
  • Small changes to the UI.
  • Minor changes and fixes.

See changelog at


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