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Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 DLC Uploader



Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 had one amazing, undocumented feature: DLC.

Originally, users would go to the page for the game on Randnet, dole out their offering, stick their disk in at a prompt, and through the magic of telecommunications the update would be written to a very specific LBA. When you run the game the next time, this data is unpacked into your MFS RAM save directory and is available for use from then onward.

In particular, new courses can be imported.

Although fully implemented there’s no particularly user-friendly method of using it. It requires either rare hardware, restoring a dead internet provider and its servers, or…this!

In an effort to make the most confusing entry ever submitted, this utility is a homebrew ROM that can be appended with the DLC packages you wish to import. Run it in the cartridge slot along with the game disk in the 64DD disk drive and it permanently patches the content to the disk. Use it once and you won’t need to run the patcher again–unless you want to patch in something else.

It’s usable with emulators that support dual-booting 64DD disks and carts, as well as original hardware via flashcarts. Dev drives will not require an IPL.

To use, append your package to the end of the ROM. No fancy tool is required; Windows users can use COPY, linux cp. An example, for Windows users:

COPY /B stubbums.n64 + + output.n64


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