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    Added description. Also, I'm not Galician person, but I'm American person.
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    The hashes were for the patched ROM
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    The Ip file was not working. I fixed it now.
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    Because previous file patch is no match with Japan version ROM, now i add file patch from Japanese version and all i have been translate into Indonesian.




Patchinator will patch Game Genie codes into any Genesis, Mega Drive, or 32x ROM. It will also fix checksums for you, including fixing checksum problems (blank red or black screen) with EA (Electronic Arts) ROMs.

Patchinator is similar to other patching programs (like Game Genie Guy which is hosted here on RHDN), but with these improvements:

  • Can fix checksum issues with EA ROMs (no more blank red/black screens). Other patching programs fix the checksum value in the header, but most/all EA games don’t use that value to determine if the checksum is correct.
  • Allows you to only fix checksums if you want, without patching in any codes. This is useful if you’ve made changes to your ROM (translations, hacks, etc), and now your game won’t run because the checksum check fails.
  • Doesn’t use an external program (like uCON64) for calculating the checksum.


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