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Genesis Game Genie Code Converter



A Genesis Game Genie code encrypter/unencrypter with lots of extras.

Version 1.1 update (2/27/2023): Rewrote everything from scratch. No longer need that dll file, the Up/Down buttons are much larger now and are dual function (hold down to rapidly increase/decrease), Insert buttons are dual function now and will cycle through the different replacement instructions (NOP/RTS/Branch), option to make the Up/Down address buttons only use even numbered addresses, new Copy/Paste buttons make it easier to move your Game Genie codes to and from the Windows clipboard, larger font for everything.

This program will encrypt or unencrypt a Sega Genesis Game Genie code. You can either enter a ROM address and value to get a Game Genie code, or enter a Game Genie code and get the corresponding ROM address and value.

  • There are buttons you can click to easily insert NOP/RTS (4E71/4E75) or Branch (6000/6002/6004) replacement instructions into the value box instead of having to type them in every time. Keep clicking the button to cycle to the next instruction.
  • The ROM address and value boxes use up and down arrows that you can click to increase or decrease the ROM address or value. This is handy if you have several ROM addresses in a row that you want to make codes for, and with just a couple clicks on the arrows, you’ll have your next address (instead of having to type them in each time). Is also useful for increasing or decreasing branch instructions, etc. You can still type in anything if you want, or copy and paste. Holding down the Up/Down buttons will make the values rapidly increase/decrease.
  • An option to use even numbered ROM addresses with the Up/Down buttons.
  • Copy/Paste buttons to make it easier to move your Game Genie codes to and from the Windows clipboard.
  • There is a Reset button to clear everything.
  • Everything has a bigger font, so they’re much easier to read.
  • Will not let you type in invalid letters for your Game Genie code (I O Q U).

Version 1.0: Fixed bug where adding a leading zero to the ROM address or value would move the cursor and mess up your input, fixed issue where ROM address and value were not being cleared when GG code was cleared, added a title to the form, added a Reset button.


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