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A very basic PlayStation ISO dumping tool that extracts the contents of a PlayStation ISO file. It currently supports extracting files from the ISO9660 file system which includes standard data files, XA and STR files, as well as CDDA files (separate audio tracks are not supported yet). It also supports generating an MKPSXISO compatible XML project file so the ISO may be rebuilt from the extracted files.

Known Issues

  • The current version does not support cue sheets but only iso/bin files. This means that the audio tracks of the iso will be lost during extraction in the following cases:
    • the game’s audio tracks are stored together with the data track in the iso file, and the audio tracks are not referenced by a corresponding CDDA file in the data track. In this case, isodump will “miss” the audio data. Thus, it is better to separate the iso tracks (e.g., with binmerge’s split option), and then manually modify the generated xml to let mkpsxiso include the audio tracks in the rebuilt iso.
    • the game’s audio tracks are stored in separate files than the main iso, and the audio tracks are referenced by some CDDA file in the data track. In this case, isodump will not be able to read the audio data referenced by the CDDA files. Thus, it is better to merge all tracks into one bin file, e.g., with binmerge.
  • This is really not related to isodump, rather to mkpsxiso. mkpsxiso rebuilds bins not necessarily following the internal layout of some game images. See for example Vagrant Story or Final Fantasy 7. So, even if no files are changed, the rebuilt bin will assign different LBAs to the files. This might be an issue for games that use their own internal LBA table (e.g., FF7), rather than the iso9660 TOC.


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