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MKPSXISO is basically a modern clone of BUILDCD used for building CD images of PlayStation games in the official development tools.

MKPSXISO more or less replicates most of the functionality of BUILDCD but better! The most notable difference is that MKPSXISO is much faster and creates ISO images in either standalone iso or cue+bin format so that generated images can immediately be run on an emulator or burned to a CD.

For more hacking-oriented tasks, MKPSXISO is best used together with isodump (can be found here on RHDN as well), which extracts the contents of a game’s bin image, and automatically creates an xml file that can be used by MKPSXISO to recreate the game image.


  • Uses XML for scripting ISO projects (see example.xml for more details).
  • Outputs ISO images directly to iso or bin+cue image format.
  • Injects license data into ISO image correctly (must provide license from PsyQ SDK or extracted from some official game bin).
  • File LBA controlled by order of files allowing for file seek optimization (just like BUILDCD).
  • Supports mixed-mode CD-XA stream files such as XA audio and STR video.
  • Supports CD-DA audio tracks from uncompressed WAV files either as plain tracks or DA/WAV files.
  • Can output log of all files packed with details such as LBA, size and timecode offset.


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