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Sonic One Music Editor

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Sonic One Music Editor (SOME) is a utility by fuzzbuzz that can edit voices in clean Sonic 1 ROMS, as well as individual .bin songs.

SOME includes the ability to import voices from a Yamaha DX11 / DX21 / DX27 / DX27S / DX100 / TX81Z system exclusive bank (usually identified by a .syx file extension), or from Sonic QX’s YMX formatted voice files (usually identified by a .ymx extension).

It is also capable of exporting a voice bank to the .ymx format, allowing one to, among other things, export a custom voice for sharing or backup purposes, or export the voices from a system exclusive bank or Sonic 1 to a format usable by Sonic QX and xm3smps (though Sonic QX already has support for both system exclusive banks AND YMX voice banks).


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