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Super Robot Wars Alpha

Game Specific


I have uploaded the English version of the Super Robot Wars Alpha Save Data editor in a 7z file. As noted below this program does not work on newer Windows OS, so you will need a solution such as Oracle VM VirtualBox to run it on non-compatible OS.

  • Super Robot Wars Alpha Save Data Editor Infomation-

Author :Fiigu Developed using :Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Requred software :Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Compatible OS :Windows98/98SE/Me/NT4/2000/XP

  • Introduction-

This is software used to edit Super Robot Wars Alpha PSX memory card save files. It works with memory card files for the Playstation editor ePSXe (*.mcr), and also opens Connectix Virtual Game Station memory card files (*.mem), though there is no guarantee those will work as well.

It works with the save data files created at the game’s intermission screen when saving there. For editing system data, it only completes the character dictionary, robot dictionary, and demo select.

The author of this program bears no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of it. The author also reserves the right to not offer support for problems. Use the program entirely at your own risk. Since I think there are still numerous bugs, do not redistribute the program.


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