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Legend of Zelda Map Generator

Game Specific


This tool can be used by players and hackers to generate maps of their favorite Zelda hacks when they are stuck or otherwise want to see full maps of the overworld and dungeons with all secrets revealed.

It can also be used by hackers to aid in locating specific Zelda screens, columns, or other data and explore other hacks. It is exploratory only and does not write any data.

It is written in Javascript and HTML so it’s easily hackable.

General Features:

  • Generates full overworld and dungeon maps
  • Reads all graphics, palette, and location data directly from the ROM to create accurate maps
  • Displays all secret locations
  • Displays level locations
  • Displays flute secrets
  • Displays lost woods and lost hills paths
  • Displays armos secrets
  • Displays shop locations and items
  • Displays second quest modifications
  • Displays dungeon items
  • Displays dungeon bosses
  • Displays dungeon passage destinations
  • Separate functions to render dungeon details like blocks, templates, doors, text, and bosses
  • Renders tiles for overworld and dungeons like the PPU
  • Provides ROM locations for various data like columns and screens so they can be modified
  • Provide various APIs to explore column and screen data
  • Finds all screens that use a particular column
  • Finds all column combos that use a particular tile

This utility was created during the development of The Legend of Zelda: A New Light.

Please PM gzip with questions or other feedback.


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