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Road Rash 1 Bike Editor

Game Specific


This is for the original Road Rash game on the Sega Genesis, and will let you edit one of the bikes in the game.

Update (ver 0.4 on 3/19/2021): Fixed bug from ver 0.3, editor now patches ROM without using the save file window, added .gen ROM extension support.

What this program does:

  • Once it verifies that you have the correct ROM…
  • The program will patch your Road Rash Genesis ROM so that you will start a new game with a highly modified version of Diablo 1000.
  • You can choose from 3 different performance options…
  • Stage 1: Same top speed (150 MPH), but faster acceleration, and much better handling.
  • Stage 2: Higher top speed (155 MPH), even faster acceleration, and much better handling.
  • Stage 3: Even higher top speed (160 MPH), ultra fast acceleration, and much better handling.
  • If you’re not happy with the performance option you picked, just run the program again and try a different one.


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