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Road Rash 2 Bike Editor

Game Specific


This editor will allow you to edit your bike in Road Rash 2 (Sega Genesis).

Major update (ver 0.9 - 3/25/2021).

  • Can now individually edit all of the stats for the starting bike (Shuriken 400), including 4 different adjustments for handling.
  • Added a second Help/Info button just for handling, with information on what the different settings do.
  • Added options to modify tracks specifically for bike testing.
  • Added a few preset buttons to show what stats some of the other bikes use, so you can get an idea on how to adjust the settings for your bike.
  • Editor remembers your previous settings, which makes if very easy to make adjustments if you’re not happy with the way your bike is. Just run the editor again and it will display your previous stats.
  • Correct ROM is REV00, CRC32 = 7B29C209. Will not work on ROM ver 1.2


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