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SMB3 Foundry Mac OSX

Level Editors


New “Super Mario Bros. 3″ Level Editor

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Previous Version in action:

  • Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Play any level directly, without having to save it to ROM
  • Level selection
  • Level view
  • Block Viewer
  • Object-Viewer
  • Loading/Saving of levels
  • Zooming
  • Selection of multiple objects
  • Copy/Cut/Paste objects
  • Vertical Levels
  • Undo/Redo System
  • Instant Header Editing
  • Level Jump Editing
  • Make screenshots of your Level
  • Drag and Drop objects into the level
  • Place selected objects using middle click
  • Visualization of Autoscroll paths

New Features:

  • Dynamic Level Sizes
  • Allows editing the Level Palettes
  • M3L and ASM import and export
  • Set which Locks get destroyed on Overworld
  • Choose a Pipe Pair for the level
  • Set Chest Item for a Level
  • Show a preview of a Level in the Level Selector
  • Early JP Rom support

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