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TitleAuthorDescriptionCategoryPlatformGameOSVerDate Descending
Digimon World 3 Randomizermarkisha64The Digimon World 3 Randomizer is a tool that allows players to experience Digimon World 3 in a whol….Game SpecificPSXDigimon World 3Win1.523 Sep 2023
NecrofyPiranhaplantProject-based level editor and ROM hacking tool for Zombies Ate My Neighbors. This tool should be pr….Level EditorsSNESZombies Ate My NeighborsWin2.0.023 Sep 2023
Sable Text InserterRobertTheSableA text parser/inserter targeting Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo, featuring:
  • UTF-8 support.
  • Code ….
Script Extraction / InsertionSNESN/AWin1.4.120 Sep 2023
Table HelperfillerThis is a PHP script used to speed up table file creation. It makes properly dumping diacritics easi….Table GeneratorsMultipleN/AIndep1.018 Sep 2023
Wario Land 1 editortigrouA level editor for the game Super Mario Land 3 / Wario Land 1. Features:
  • level edit (tiles / ….
Level EditorsGBWario Land: Super Mario Land 3Win0.8217 Sep 2023
AFS PackerPacoChanAFS Packer can extract the files inside an AFS archive to a folder, or generate a new AFS archive fr….Data Extraction / InsertionN/AN/AWin2.1.211 Sep 2023
Diskify Your MindZoinkityDiskify Your Mind: build a 64DD softpatch disk from an “AI Shogi 3″ ROM. AI Shogi 3 i….Game SpecificN64AI Shogi 3Win1.009 Sep 2023
Phoenix Wright 2 Onifier0xTerrImproves a Phoenix Wright 2 ROM by copying the better music from a Phoenix Wright 1 ROM. Take that! ….Game SpecificNDSPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for AllWin0.102 Sep 2023
Fossil Fighters RandomizerOEAThis tool allows for the randomization of digsite vivosaurs and your starter. It has code for random….Game SpecificNDSFossil FightersWin1.002 Sep 2023
Fossil Fighters Graphics EditorOEAThis nifty utility allows for breaking down all the graphics-storing archives of Fossil Fighters (an….Miscellaneous Graphics ToolsNDSFossil FightersWin1.202 Sep 2023
TeheMan X4 EditorPogChampGuy AKA KuumbaLevel Editor for the PS1 Version of Mega Man X4 which comes packed with additional Tools to help wit….Level EditorsPSXMega Man X4Win1.328 Aug 2023
Breath of Fire 3 (PS1) ISO EditorTony HedstromBreath of Fire 3 (PS1) editor that lets you edit lots of stuff in the game, and you can patch those ….Game SpecificPSXBreath of Fire IIIWin1.8a26 Aug 2023
Starfy Music RandomizerOEAThis simple program allows you to randomize the music in some, or all, of the levels of The Legendar….SoundNDSThe Legendary StarfyIndep1.0S22 Aug 2023
CPK Audio MixerSuiKaze RaiderWith this tool you can extract and change the audio of *.cpk videos (Cinepak) from Tomb Raider 1 and….SoundSATN/AWin1.0.0.021 Aug 2023
SMB3 Scribe – Overworld Editor - WindowsMichael NixNew “Super Mario Bros. 3″ Overworld Editor
Check for new releases: https://….
Level EditorsNESSuper Mario Bros. 3Win1.314 Aug 2023
SMB3 Foundry WindowsMichael NixNew “Super Mario Bros. 3″ Level Editor
Check for new releases: https://gith….
Level EditorsNESSuper Mario Bros. 3Win1.314 Aug 2023
A New Journey Randomizer ToolPoggieBThis tool randomizes the parts you obtain from battles in “A New Journey” mode, and random….Game SpecificGCCustom RoboWin1.011 Aug 2023
MZM RandomizerbiosparkA randomizer for Metroid Zero Mission. There are many features for item randomization, with options ….Game SpecificGBAMetroid: Zero MissionWin1.5.010 Aug 2023
crudNEShitchhikrcrudNES is a Nintendo Entertaining System console emulator made for reverse engineering purposes. It….Debuggers / Special EmulatorsNESN/AWin1.009 Aug 2023
RPG Maker GB Message EditorOEAThis small utility allows one to edit existing messages in RPG Maker GB save files using an actual ….Game SpecificGBRPG Tsukuru GBWin1.1b08 Aug 2023
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