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Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere


Game Description:

Launched in Japan in 1999 as a “Three-Dimensional Dramatic Flight-Shooting Game,” ACE COMBAT 3 electrosphere is the third entry in Namco’s arcade flight shooter series for the PlayStation, spanning 2 discs with 52 action-packed missions, numerous real-time and animated cutscenes and 5 different endings.

The game is set in USEA (the United States of Euro-Asia) in the year 2040, a time where the government and the judiciary have been superseded by sheer economic power. There, the two largest multinational corporations in the world – General Resource LTD. and Neucom Inc. – are plunging into all-out war after years of strained relations.

You begin as a fighter pilot for UPEO (the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization), tasked with suppressing this conflict, but as the war develops, you discover things that will put your resolve and that of your wingmen to the test. Things complicate even further when a terrorist group with nefarious goals appears.

While both Europe and North America got localized releases, they were single-disc versions without any characters, branching paths or world-building, plus minor gameplay changes, which resulted in a much lesser experience. Brand Director Kazutoki Kono cited team size and budget constraints as the reasons for this downgrade.

Translation Description:

Load Word Team has been working on this brand new, from the ground up complete English translation. This patch covers 100% of in-game text and supplementary extra materials as well.

  • Data Swallow user interface, FMVs, broadcasts & news reports, teletext, personal calls & messages, mission briefing & debriefing, radio communication, search engine, archive list, cutscenes and credits are fully translated.
  • Certain videos (news, broadcasts, cutscenes) with Japanese text burnt-in have been cleaned up and translated.
  • Translated, re-written, and expanded manual.
  • Translated AppenDisc, the special software that came with the soundtrack that features extra content like the movie player, additional promo material for Night Raven and the ability to write a special save that unlocks 3 exclusive planes in the main game.
  • Translated Mission 00, the promotional VHS tape that features over 30 minutes of Ace Combat 3 lore and world-building.
  • The patch supports all 2-disc Asian releases.
  • Bugfix: M27 and M29 play the correct respective soundtracks.
  • Bugfix: Search engine is modified to always display an image within an article if there’s at least one non-generic image available.

You can download the patch here

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SLPS-02020~1 (Regular Version)
  • SCPS-45397~8 (Asian Version)
  • SLPS-91214~5 (PlayStation The Best Version)
  • SLPM-80453 (AppenDisc)



RHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation Image



ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Azu CrepuscularGraphicsAnimated illustrations
DfactorScript Editing/RevisionEnglish proofreading/editing
RaivopScript Editing/RevisionEnglish proofreading/editing
YarghenforgenTranslationJapanese-English translation
OrientalComputer_01GraphicsGraphic/video editing
InfridHackingcoordinator, tool programming
Kosmo零HackingTool programming
SolidSnake11HackingReverse engineering
OrtewHackingReverse engineering
IlDucciHackingReverse Engineering, Graphic/video editing, English proofreading/editing, Spanish version testing
Dark_KudohTranslationJapanese-Spanish text revision, AppenDisc subtitling
MegaflanTranslationSpanish version testing
堕落王 (Wu)TranslationSpanish version testing

User Review Information

User Reviews
One of the most extensive translation projects for Playstationcybertruckeralpha14 Jul 20231.0Yes