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RPG Tsukuru GB

Game Boy

Game Description:

RPG Tsukuru GB is a role playing game for the Game Boy Color.

Translation Description:

This originally started as a small addendum patch to simply fix the few instances of “breached boxes,” where text cuts off the border in part of a menu. However, the author ended up finding more and more admittedly somewhat small things to fix. Finally, the author used the great tool IPS Peek to restore the monster “options” menu and make it actually display which ones are selected, and with that there was finally a justification to actually release this.

Please note that the author does not speak any Japanese. There are some instances of untranslated material “translated” here, namely by going off of their function instead of the actual text–for example, if one has no items, the item menu now reads “Nothing.” The author figured that giving people some clue about what is going on is better than nothing at all.

Finally, this is still not a perfect release. In particular, the Sample Import menu remains quite garbled-looking in a few places; the author would greatly appreciate it if someone found the location of these menus and reported it to him.

VERSION 1.1: Translates all of the event options, except for “Do Not Use” (formerly known as “Adversary”). Some other things were cleaned up as well.

VERSION 1.1a: Fixes an inconsistency no-one except the author would notice, but which was bothering him.

VERSION 1.2: Restores the “party start on overworld” menu, and translates all the various overworld map menus, along with un-blanking the “World” options that take you to them. Also there are some other small fixes.

VERSION 1.3: Translates all remaining battle messages that could be found (do let the author know if you can get an enemy to inflict a status on you). Translates all Spell descriptions for spells usable outside of battle (since it appears only their descriptions can be accessed). Pedantically edits the fonts and positioning of all the menu titles so they match. Translates the battle testing menu (under Enemy Maps). Some other small translations and fixes as well.

VERSION 1.4: Removes the few bits of lowercase from menus and translates the save game menu. More importantly, it finally fixes the in-game B-button menu.

VERSION 1.4a: Changes the first monster option to “Self-Destruct”, since this is both more accurate and less upsetting.


There are two patches. CLEAN is for vanilla ROMs, while PATCHED is for ones you already put the translation on. As always, never use both at the same time. The patches are in the IPS format, and can be applied using e.g. Lunar IPS (


P.S. Check out the author’s message editor for this game:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: RPG Tsukuru GB (Japan)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy/Color (v. 20210227-015730)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 119A0AB3D82FABBAFF5949DACD6B77E20C7A8FB0
  • File/ROM CRC32: B614307



RHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
OEATranslationDid all the additional work

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