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Lunar: Silver Star Story - Complete


Game Description:

Lunar: Silver Star Story is a tale of a boy, who sets out on a journey to become not only a man, but the next in line of the most prestigious of titles: Dragonmaster to the Goddess Althena. This is also a story of a budding love, and how the two synergistically intertwine, though it won’t be apparent for quite a while.

You start the game as a lad named Alex, who is not very magically inclined but is good with a sword, along with his childhood friends Nall, which seems to be a talking cat and will actually aid you in battle should someone fall; Luna, a young woman whom was raised in Alex’s home; and Ramus, the son of the village chief.

This game has a lot of differences compared to its original Saturn release, including: a larger color palette, better sound quality, and graphics. It also has variations to the story, including additional characters not seen in the Saturn release, and a much longer period of time that Luna is an active party member, both expanding her story depth and making up for Alex’s no longer learning traditional magic.

The music in the game is very nice. It hardly ever sounds like its going to grate you, and fits the atmosphere throughout rather well. The sound effects do not seem out of place, and the voice acting is no cornier than some full-blown anime out there. (The game has animated cutscenes this time around as well)

There ARE times where it feels a little bit like a slog, as there are plenty of encounters in the game, but some CAN be avoided, as you have to make contact with monsters on the map in order to get into a fight, as opposed to random fights used in many other RPGs.

If you’re looking for a good time and can look past a bit of silliness at times, give this a shot.

Translation Description:

The patch uses a custom EXE patcher, so it can’t be hosted by RHDN. Please take it from one of these links:

Texts, pictures, videos and audio scenes are entirely translated in French by the Atelier Traduction team.

This patch is compatible with the US version of the game and is 100% working with the original system (PlayStation) and all the emulators.

The game’s difficulty being different between the US and JAP versions, the selection of the difficulty has been adde in the “Option” menu which can be changed at any time ingame: Normal(Jp) or Hard(Us).

For the “Normal(Jp)” difficulty, everything that had been modified by the Americans has been put back as it was originally:

  • Enemies and bosses stats are rebalanced and make the game easier
  • The money found in the chests is doubled
  • The money found in Vane’s library is multiplied by 10
  • Jessica’s “Escape Litany” spell costs 1 MP instead of 20 MP

The note containing the password to continue in the Myght’s tower has been restored as in the JAP version (empty in the US version).

The order of the colors shown in the last puzzle of the last level is now respected as in the JAP version.

Alex’s ocarina can now be given to Nall as in the JAP version. This does not affect the end of the game where the player could get stuck.

Dialogue windows have been added for all spoken scenes ingame.

All videos are subtitled on the fly, so they don’t suffer any conversion loss.

Terrible English outtakes have been removed.

v1.01 :

  • Minor fixes for some texts.
  • Slight revision for the dialogues in Burg at the beginning of the game.
  • Changes for some equipment and enemy attack names.
  • Changes for some menu names.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • US BIN CD1 (1 BIN file) : C75E45FF
  • US BIN CD2 (1 BIN file) : 0E89EBF6
  • US BIN CD1 1st bin file (3 BIN files) : 6C322289
  • US BIN CD2 1st bin file (3 BIN files) : AB613FCA
  • US BIN CD1/CD2 2nd bin file (3 BIN files) : 242E16CB
  • FR BIN CD1 v1.01 : 3F3322D8
  • FR BIN CD2 v1.01 : F5D37B15



RHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
RyleFuryHackingComplete hacking
RyusanTranslationComplete translation
RyleFuryScript Editing/Revision

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