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Cyber Knight

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Cyber Knight is an role playing game for the Super Nintendo.

Translation Description:

The purpose of this addendum is to fix all known technical issues with the Aeon Genesis English translation, while improving the presentation and correcting all known typos and text overflows. Enemy names have also been retranslated and the opening credits are now displayed in English.


  • Translated the opening credits (using the Cyber Knight 2 font) and adjusted their display time
  • Fixes all known text overflows and typos in the dialogue
  • Retranslated a couple dialogue strings to make them closer to the original
  • Retranslated enemy names to restore mythological references
  • Renamed Captain Donyprof to the intended Dneprov (a real-life sci-fi writer)
  • Expanded the options in the name entry screen (no more “Nxt” and “Bac”)
  • Fixed the alignment of the player name and Power stat in the Set Abilities screen
  • Expanded the lab, bridge and medical bay menus, so that options fit in one line
  • Full character names are displayed where possible (no more “Klei” and “Shin”)
  • Improved the character status screen:
  • Renamed IQ stat to Int
  • Renamed Quik to Speed
  • Expanded skill names
  • Expanded character classes (no more “Scientis” and “Commandr”)
  • Moved some stats around for a more symmetrical look
  • Fixed part of Nehjena’s name which mistakenly appeared in the middle of Shine’s stats
  • Expanded the Short Jump Menu, so that planet and system names display in full
  • Expanded the Long Jump menu, so that “Worldring” displays in full
  • Fixed some enemy names appearing blank in battle messages (e.g. Arachnsaur)
  • Fixed truncated names in Neoparts analysis messages
  • Expanded the Neoparts menu in the lab, so that enemy names aren’t truncated
  • Fixed the broken description for Gamma Laser in Arms menu
  • Expanded some location names
  • Cosmetic fixes to various other menus
  • Included an optional patch to reduce grind
  • Any bug reports and queries regarding the patch should be posted in its RHDN forum thread.

    ROM / ISO Information:

    • Apply this patch only to an unheadered Cyber Knight ROM pre-patched with the English translation v1.01 by Aeon Genesis with the following hashes:
    • CRC32 - EFA08411
    • MD5 - 4DB4F8EDB9E66AF471D1AF2E1D3DB1C2
    • SHA1 - E9C04204E82C395AAA2F6D512D80AF59EEC7FDA6



    RHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation ImageRHDN Translation Image


    ContributorType of contributionListed credit
    mziabHackingTools, hacking, enemy name retranslation

    User Review Information

    User Reviews
    Every existing patch should get this treatmentRed Soul24 Nov 20221.00Yes